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Eco-Friendly Plastic Materials is a research and development company that aims to bring innovation to the bio-based resin and manufacturing industry by providing eco-friendly and sustainable bio-plastic materials. Our team consists of engineering and industry experts who work hard to create sustainable solutions for our environment. Our approach is multidisciplinary; chemistry, material science, manufacturing, research, and development for sustainable, biodegradable materials is our primary objective, but we also ensure that our products are lighter, cost-effective, and more durable than traditional plastic materials.

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We encourage our clients to invest in biodegradable material. We also add a unique value proposition by providing a better and more cost-friendly alternative to traditional plastic while allowing them to make their production more sustainable overall. Our team of skilled professionals has more than 15 years of experience conducting research and development for cost-effective designs of eco-friendly and sustainable products driven from organic sources. Our focus is long term innovation, which is to replace the conventional plastic made through polymer with total eco-friendly bio-plastic so that they benefit the environment and our customers alike.

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“Our mission is to lead by example in the bio-resin industry through innovation and new developments for eco-friendly and sustainable plastic production. We aim to transform the entire polymer-based plastic manufacturing sector through our organic bio-based technology for a healthier environment and improved sustainability for future generations.”

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