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The cellulose-based molding service for casting materials (like resin, filler, plaster, latex, and polyurethane) uses biodegradable technology. Cellulose and its various other components are effectively engaged in the manufacturing industry and in the medical and technology sectors. The whole process is done in an eco-friendly manner, and the required extraction is done in quick successions.

Unlike traditional plastic manufacturing in various industries, we pursue our vision and produce plastic made from organic sources. These sources are plant-based feedstock, fiber, wood cellulose, and starch. From the raw material processing to the finished product, we consider sustainability and then decide how to manufacture bio-plastic in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way.

Just like other bio-plastics, our plastics made from cellulose are organic, and the resin pellets and filament materials are based on biodegradable cellulose. As an example, filament materials are a vital component for improving the durability of certain plastic products.

Micro & Nano cellulose is a tiny, lightweight solid matter obtained from plants. It’s a semi-plastic possessing various properties of industrial liquids and can be used to produce efficient bio-resin products with an eco-friendly process.

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